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You reward a person who has done well with a bonus, so the winner can be the object of reward. The thing was clear as day, and so they awarded him the stakes. A reward is also unique in being something intangible (like satisfaction): (A mother’s reward after so much labor raising her kids is seeing them grow up to be successful adults). Aug 25, 2017 · Award will be remembered, Reward won’t. The company is awarding the contract to the lowest bidder. A reward is usually in form of money. In the award of scholarships, &c., it should be definitely decided whether the scholarship is to be awarded (I) for attainment, in which case the examination-test pure and simple may suffice, or (2) for promise, in which case personal information and a curriculum vitae are necessary. Sep 12, 2009 · Award and reward can both be nouns and verbs. While awards get publicized, rewards are not. Accordingly, in the passive: I was awarded …. A reward is something that is …. The jury awarded damages to the defendant. You can’t use “prize” or “award” here. Awards are always associated with the positive things whereas a reward …. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Montana women were awarded seven medals at the …. A prize will be awarded to the student who sells the most tickets. For example, you are the topper of the university – you get a medal – that’s an award!

AWARD Similarly, an award is given for something that is done well but it tends to be more formal and is given to demonstrate to other people that the person has done something well. An award is a special prize such as the Oscar. The prize cannot be the object of reward. A reward is an acknowledgement given to somebody for his efforts. Award (n): a recognition of a personal achievement, e.g. a scholarship for winning a science fair, a plaque for volunteering 100 hours of community service. Reward is a small token of appreciation for someone’s efforts. Oct 31, 2009 · Well, the award can be called as a reward for an individual’s effort. Mar 09, 2010 · Reward / award. Award: give or order the giving of (something) as an official payment, compensation, or prize to (someone). Rewards, on the other hand, are only private or personal affairs. A reward is a consequence of an action, and is often given by someone, but it can also be realized independently as well.

Award and reward can both be nouns and verbs. An award is given by someone in recognition of an achievement. Award vs reward An award is 1.) a prize, medal, grant or other item given in recognition of an achievement, 2.) the action of giving a prize, medal, grant or other item in recognition of an achievement, 3.) compensation bestowed because of a legal judgement, 4.) the action of bestowing compensation because of a legal judgement. It is usually connected to a contest or social event. A reward can be anything you get for making an effort, or as an incentive, say like cash back in credit cards, or miles, even a small cookie for ‘being goo. Jul 26, 2018 · An award is a prize given to somebody for accomplishing something rare. Granted for. An incredible work, Achievement, Contribution in a specific field, Winning a contest or game. Hardships, Honesty and Loyalty, Helping someone in need, Merit etc. AWARD is a prize such as money that is given to somebody because they have done something great. He won an award for best actor. (noun: an award) She was awarded a scholarship for winning the science fair. (verb: to award) [Tweet “REWARD is not a prize. It’s compensation (financial or other) for the effort somebody has made.”] REWARD is not a prize. It’s compensation (financial or other) for the effort …. While award is always associated with some positive things, reward is associated with good and bad things. It has also been noted that certain people may get reward for their evil activities. An award or a prize is generally provided for the personal achievements, whereas the rewards focus on the factor of contribution made by the individual. Jan 14, 2012 · You award someone a prize, so the winner can also be the (indirect) object of award. But you cannot reward a prize. Reward (n): compensation or incentive for doing something, e.g. cash for returning a lost wallet, getting to stay up late for tidying one’s bedroom. Still it was hers, awarded to her because of keenness of brain and faithfulness of action. As a noun, reward is something (anything, really) that is given in exchange for some action or behavior. An award is usually one of two things: ( 1 ) a medal or decoration, ( 2 ) money or rights/priveledges given by a court of law. Reward: a thing given in recognition of service, effort, or achievement. An award tends to be something like a certificate, or a medal or a statue. Oct 04, 2010 · You can’t use “reward” here; only prizes and awards are won. As verbs, “award” and “reward” are similar. The master’s program is just that; A program of study particular to a specific field or occupation. The master’s degree is the degree that is awarded to students who successfully complete the program. Award is a huge prize for someone’s achievements. As verbs the difference between award and reward. Rewarded definition, a sum of money offered for the detection or capture of a criminal, the recovery of lost or stolen property, etc. See more. How to use rewarded in a sentence. Example sentences with the word rewarded. Examples of award in a Sentence. The judges will award a prize to the best speaker. The winner was awarded a gold medal. He was awarded a patent for his invention.

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